Nutri-Know: Delicious Protein Shake Recipe

Nutritional Knowledge You Can Use

A healthy balanced diet strengthens and supports your immune system, nourishes your body and mind, and can help you recover from workouts and continue to lead an active lifestyle. 

Nowadays, quickly and easily preparing a healthy snack drink can be a challenge.

I have been using a protein shake recipe for several years to help boost my post-workout recovery.  This has worked great for me and it can be a quick snack or an occasional meal replacement. 

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Functional Exercise Training at SNHU!

functional eXercise Training Class℠ (f(XTC)℠)

functional eXercise Training Class is a great way to start your day!  Work out early, shower, breakfast, and ready to seize the day!

If you are active or want to be active, we can help you get there! We’ve had general fitness enthusiasts, runners, skiers (downhill and cross-country), rowers, and golfers of all ages become stronger and better prepared for activity in this popular program. 

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Get Fit & Strong! Women’s Small Group Fitness Classes!

Move better. Get stronger.

Get Fit & Strong! women’s small group fitness classes (details here) are all about getting stronger, moving better, feeling fitter and healthier. 

You will find that you have more energy, and a side benefit is that, combined with a healthy diet, you will see a change in your body composition and overall health.

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